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Owens corning roofing system 
A high-performance roof takes more than just shingles. The performance of any roof depends on an entire system of Roofing Essentials™ accessory products working and performing together, including ventilation, hip and ridge shingles, underlayment, and attic insulation. The Owens Corning Roofing System is a lineup of essential products that can help provide maximum durability for your roof, and the most protection for your home.

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Owens Corning Roofing system
Typical household activities can wreak havoc on a roof and attic if proper roof ventilation is not provided: 

■In the summer, heat build-up encourages the premature aging and cracking of wood and other roofing materials. Unwanted heat also can transfer back down into living areas - which reduces energy efficiency.

■In cold weather, warm air generated by laundry, showers, dish washing and cooking can linger in the house and cause moisture build-up.

The only way to combat these problems is with a balanced Top of the House® roofing system. That means it’s important to have proper ventilation, plus the appropriate amount of attic insulation to maximize performance.
In a balanced system, wind blowing over the ridge creates negative pressure that draws the warmer air out of the attic. Replacement air then enters through the undereave or soffit vents, bathes the underside of the roof, and exits at the ridge cap through ridge, roof or gable vents. Even without wind, the natural convection action of rising warm air maintains a continuous air flow along the underside of the roof.

Ultimately, proper ventilation — along with attic insulation — helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside a home, increase energy efficiency, prevent moisture damage and contribute to the longevity of a roof.

Ventilation is an important component of Owens Corning's Complete Roofing System. These Owens Corning ventilation products will help prevent damage and premature aging caused by moisture in the winter and excess heat in the summer. 
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Let Our Expert Minnesota Roofers Help Determine if Your Roof Really Needs to be Replaced.

Roofing system failure can be caused by a number of factors: age, severe weather, poor workmanship, defective materials, improper choice of materials, failure to properly maintain the roof. But that does not automatically mean you must replace your aging roof.

At Klingelhut Roofing we have found that many homeowners who call us for an estimate on replacing their Minnesota roofs are surprised when we inform them that we can “save” their roof by making repairs. We are one of the few roofers in Minnesota that recommends replacing the roof only when all repair and restoration options have been exhausted.

The first step is to have your roof inspected by the professional Minnesota roofers from Klingelhut who know what to look for. Some Plymouth roofers simply glance at a roof and make a guess as to what is wrong. But we actually climb onto the roof and carefully go over your entire roofing system, from peak to gutters, to determine the roof’s actual condition. We’ll document what we find and provide a written report.

Only then can we help you decide the best course of action. In many cases we can repair or replace a section of your roof to restore the integrity of the entire roofing system, giving you several extra years before you need to call in Minnesota roofers for complete replacement.

There are times, however, when roof replacement is the only option. Some roofs have reached the end of their designed lives and the best bet is to remove the roof and replace it with a new roof system. If that is the case, the Plymouth roofers at Klingelhut will provide you with a wide range of new roof options to fit your home’s design and your budget
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