Klingelhut Window & Siding is a family business. Unlike other corporate home renovation companies, we have a vested interest in keeping our Bloomington home improvement customers happy. Our customers have become our friends and we care about them. We care about the work we do. Our work is a reflection of our company

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Beautiful and Energy Efficient

If you are looking Ply Gem professionally installed windows in Bloomington  Mn. Look no further than Klingelhut Window & Siding. We have years of experience making Bloomington homes look great with quality, energy efficient replacement windows from leading manufacturers. All of our quality replacement windows are Energy Star certified.

With rising heating costs, and increased concern for energy efficiency, this is a great time to update your old windows to new energy efficient windows. Plus, high-quality replacement windows say a lot about the pride you take in your home.

Klingelhut Window & Siding is Bloomington  replacement window contractor and we offer a complete range of custom replacement window options, however, what we are most proud of is our outstanding installation, and customer service. 

We will take the time to assess your unique needs and give you options that make sense for your budget, and your Bloomington  home. We treat our customers like a member of our family from the estimate and pricing, and through the installation and follow-up. We want to make sure that you get not only the finest products, but the best service in the industry. Plus, with our lifetime transferable warranty you can be assured your investment is safe. 


Gary Klingelhut
Licensed Minnesota
Building Contractor
License # BC659094
            What type of window installation is good for your Bloomington  Home?

  Here are your options:

  Standard pocket installation or insert installation

  > Standard installation adding stops
  > New construction installation or flange removal installation
  > Buck frame installation or Full frame removal installation
  > Standard pocket installation or insert installation

  Pocket or insert installation 
  is the most direct and easy way to install windows. 75% of installation can be done from exterior, which minimize dust and debris. One of the benefits of a pocket installation is you are able to keep your interior aesthetics, because you do not have to replace the trim.

  Standard installation adding stops
  This type of installation is necessary more often when you are changing the style of the window i.e. removing a casement and installing a double hung..

  New construction installation or flange removal installation

  This installation is necessary if you live in new construction home. Home built from 1990 to current will require a new construction installation. The benefit of this type of installation is the existing nailing flange will no longer be connected to the window, which allows the house to settle down altering the functionality of the window.

  Buck frame installation or master frame installation

  This installation is necessary mostly in older homes that are experiencing water and sun damage that has rotted the master frame. Termites also can be the cause of this. Full frame installation requires removal of entire existing window including the casings, frame and existing trim. One of the benefits is that we can maximize the amount of glass (which is usually lost with the replacement windows by doing what is called a stud to stud installation) and will allow you to better insulate around the window.

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