Now Offering a Better Way towards Energy Efficient Homes, In Savage Mn
Today more than ever, Savage Mn homeowners want to lower their energy costs, make their homes more comfortable, and improve indoor air quality. Our products from replacement windows to siding to patio doors do all of this through superior installation. Our job is to provide you with a completed home energy solution, and advise you on ways to save money, without cutting essential costs. With our experience in this industry, we have learned who to rely on for quality materials, and services.
Next to insulation, energy efficient windows, siding and doors can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Energy efficient windows, siding and doors can dramatically lower your energy bills and unlike insulation, you can actually see and enjoy your new home improvement products.
Energy Star Products

We are pioneering in regards to products and systems in our industry. We strive to stay ahead of our competition in technology and innovation. We have discerning taste when it comes to quality, and we demand the best. All of our products have been awarded the Energy Star label and are tested to the highest standards. We strive for 100% defect free products.

Savage,Mn #1 Choice in Siding & Windows
Siding is great for so many reasons. First, using siding on the outside of your Savage house is great because it looks great. You do not have to worry about bad paint jobs or about having pieces of wood that do not exactly match. With siding you get a consistent color and look for your home. Mastic siding is also great because it is so durable. Many types of siding are built to beat even the strongest storms and the most rambunctious kids. It is a relief for parents to know that their home will withstand most threats to its longevity.

The benefit of siding that is perhaps my favorite is the fact that it is entirely maintenance free. There are no touch ups needed and you there is nothing to do for preparing your siding for changes in weather. Think of all of the hours you will save by not having to paint and repaint your home. Keeping your siding clean is as easy as washing it down with water at a high pressure. Mud and residue from any storm or just from daily wear and tear will wash away from the siding in no time.

Gary Klingelhut
Licensed Minnesota
Building Contractor
License # BC659094