Installs seamless Gutters on Mendota MN homes
Gary Klingelhut
Licensed Minnesota
Building Contractor
License # BC659094
Roofing and seamless gutters often wear out at the same time. Whenever possible, it is better to replace the roof and gutter at the same time. This will help insure that the roofing and gutters systems interact with each other properly and all flashing is functioning correctly between these two very important components.
 There are several different types of seamless gutter material in the market place today. Each product has pros and cons. In our opinion, we have found that when correctly installed, heavy gauge aluminum gutters perform as well or better than any other system.

When we install gutters, we use a 0.032” pre finished aluminum stock and install hidden hangers  every 2 feet. We do not use pre formed “box miters” for the corners as these often fail prematurely and are not very attractive. Instead, we custom cut our miters on site to make sure they fit your home perfectly. This results in a gutter system that is sturdy and maintenance free for many years. Over the years we have installed many miles of gutter and strongly believe this is the best overall system to use.

When we install gutters and downspouts, we usually install downspout extensions (where possible). It is very important to move the water away from your foundation walls. This should be done with extensions and maintaining positive drainage away from the home through landscape grading. Over the years, landscaping often settles and it is important to monitor the slopes and add fill dirt if needed.

Many of our customers are also concerned about leaves and debris clogging up their gutters. There are several options that can help minimize leaf build up. Leaf Exterminator or leaf guards can be used to help or prevent clogs and keep your downspouts running freely. These products can be very effective and help keep your seamless gutters clean and fully functional. Please check with your salesman for current product availability.